1991 Audi 100 quattro


2.3L 130hp SOHC 10v 5-cylinder (NF)
5-speed manual transmission (01A)
Quattro all-wheel-drive (Torsen center and locking rear diff)
Pearl Effect White Metallic (0A9)
Graphite leather (M79-NX)
15" pearl BBS wheels
Bose sound system
Cold weather package (heated front seats, mirrors, door locks, ski sack)
Tilt/slide sunroof
Power front seats, mirrors, locks, windows
European headlights
Chinese front clear corner lights
V8 Luxembourg-style (Custom Auto Craft) rear lights
White S4/S6-style (Custom Auto Craft) gauge faces

General History

This car was originally purchased by my grandfather in Spring 1991. I "inherited" it in November 1998 when he purchased his 1999 A8. This was my second car.

It has not been in any accidents, although it apparently was damaged in transit prior to being delivered, and it looks like the passenger side front door was repainted and the window may have been replaced. It's a good match, however, because nobody noticed it for more than a decade. Also, the underside of the right edge of the front bumper was repainted by my grandfather after it was scratched. It looks fine from a distance, but up close (if you get on your hands and knees) it looks pretty bad.

I added the European headlights in April 2002, the Chinese-market (Audi 100 Sport style) front clear corner lights in March 2003, and the Custom Auto Craft V8 (Luxembourg-style) tail lights in April 2003.

Mechanically and physically, the car is in great shape. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the car, other than minor chips (and minor dings) in the body, to be expected on a car of its age.

Service History

I am listing everything but oil/filter changes (every 6 months in later years, usually $15-20 whereever) and interior/exterior light replacements (done by me as needed) below, including the dates and mileages of each service.

2006-02-11 194,840
Replaced wiper blades

2005-07-19 191,182
Replaced brake master cylinder
Replaced brake fluid

2005-02-12 188,512
Replaced tires (BF Goodrich Traction T/A H)

2005-01-15 187,846
Replaced alternator belt

2004-11-05 186,400
Replaced leaking seals in hydraulic pump

2004-07-10 183,979
Replaced gauge faces with CAC white gauge faces (see instrument cluster removal instructions)

2003-12-25 179,850
Replaced oxygen sensor

2003-11-13 177,453
Repaired front left speaker (see Bose repair instructions)

2003-08-14 175,491
Replaced battery

2003-06-17 174,896
Repaired right rear window regulator (see repair instructions)

2003-05-29 174,701
Replaced parking brake cables

2003-05-22 174,681
Replaced coolant
Replaced thermostat
Replaced one spark plug wire

2002-09-25 170,760
Brake pads (Front and rear, PBR Metal Masters)
Topped off brake fluid (DOT4)

2002-09-04 170,554
Drive belts (034-903-137A, 068-260-849, 034-260-849)
Recall campaign LM (rear Bose speakers)

2002-07-15 168,556
Fuel pump (895-906-089E, new style)

2002-07-05 168,400
Wiper blades (Bosch Micro Edge)
Air filter (K&N)
Brake accumulator (443-612-061H)
Replaced hydraulic fluid (G002000, CHF 11S)

2002-05-10 167,388
Replaced brake fluid (B000700A1)

2002-01-14 165,900
Engine control unit (443-906-264F, used)

2001-07-30 163,484
Alternator belt (034-903-137A)

2001-05-10 159,586
Freon (2 units)

2001-04-19 158,120
Tires (Michelin Pilot XGT H4)
Four-wheel alignment

2001-04-16 158,102
Window switch (right front in driver's door, 4A0-959-855)
Topped off hydraulic fluid (G002000)

1998-09-10 144,212
Air filter (021-129-620)
Fuel filter (893-133-511)
Spark plugs, five (2VP1210875)
Replaced brake fluid (DOT4)
Replaced four plug ends (036-035-255E)
Replaced wiper inserts
Lubricate sunroof
Checked all compression to 200psi, timing belt, dist. cap

1998-02-20 138,741
Alternator belt (034-903-137A)

1998-01-05 137,000
Recall campaign KF (Air bag sensor)
Air conditioner compressor (034-260-805C)
Freon, 22 (32?) oz

1997-11-06 136,340
Replaced check valve on fuel pump

1997-07-21 130,271
Wiper blades (895-955-429A)

1996-03-04 117,201
Air filter (021-129-620)
Fuel filter (893-133-511)
Spark plugs, five (2VP1210875)
Two drive belts (068-260-849, 034-260-849)
Distributor cap (034-905-207B)
Replaced brake fluid (Pennzoil)
Replaced coolant (Q12VW237105)
Timing belt (074-109-119)
Crank and camshaft oil seals (068-103-085A, 034-115-147A)
Dome lamp relay (447-947-115D)
Lubricate starter, sunroof
Checked all compression to 180psi

1995-08-21 107,213
Wiper blades (200-955-421A)

1995-05-30 100,980
Four-wheel alignment

1995-05-30 100,973
Replaced radio (rebuilt Blaupunkt)

1995-03-27 97,800
Tires (Michelin MXV4)

1995-03-10 97,725
Power steering pump seals (026-198-049B, N904-05401, N903-63301)
Battery (2YWN0863A)
Topped off hydraulic fluid (G002000)

1995-01-18 91,328
Fuel pump (GPF322)

1994-08-30 83,939
Replaced brake fluid (B00060012)
Alternator belt (034-903-137A)
Five spark plugs (ZYP1210875)
Lubricate sunroof, U joint at radiator

1994-06-13 80,079
Temperature sending unit (034-919-369C)

1994-04-18 77,158
Clamps on CV boots (232426A410)
Checked all fluids, belts and hoses

1994-03-10 72,088
Starter (SR10X)

1993-05-11 58,388
Air filter (021-129-620)
Fuel filter (447-133-511)
Oxygen sensor (034-906-265D)
Replaced brake fluid (DOT4)
Check all compression

1992-12-30 53,340
Lubricate U joint on drive shaft

1992-10-20 48,226
Fuel pump (443-906-091A)
Topped off fluids

1992-06-11 35,065
Adjust alternator belt tension

1992-05-11 30,958
Air filter (021-129-620)
Fuel filter (447-133-511)
Five spark plugs (2VP-121-085C)
Topped off fluids

1991-11-22 16,102
Topped off fluids

1991-11-15 13,000
Wheel alignment

1991-09-23 7,938
Front end alignment
Wiper/washer/hazard switch (445-953-503E)


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